Welcome to the Rib Cage Barbecue!

At the Rib Cage, we serve real Mid-Monongahela Valley-style barbecue. We pride ourselves on our ribs, chops, and pulled pork, but offer a variety of other menu choices as well.

All of our meat is brought in daily. We are particularly proud of our own sauce (available in mild, hot, sweet & tangy, and extra hot), which many of our customers will tell you brings them back again and again.

Our building is rustic, not fancy – just the way you would expect a “barbecue joint” to look, with wood stacked high outside and smoke pouring out into the sky. But that’s part of its uniqueness and appeal.

Our barbecue is not smoked, but done over an open hardwood fire, as is the tradition in this area. We won’t give you a bunch of hype, but we do have many, many customers who come back time after time and love our food. Check out some of their comments on the Zomato website.

We’re a family-owned business and part of the local economy. We’re not perfect. No one is. But we strive to make a good product and to treat our customers with the respect and service they deserve.

And in this time of escalating prices, we try to give you as much for your dollar as we can.

That’s why our motto is:

“Real food, real people, real value…REALLY!”

If you’ve never visited us before, it’s worth a trip. If barbecue is your thing, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Stop in and say hi if you get the chance. We look forward to seeing you!